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Updated 02/22/22

What is a House Concert?

Most house concerts are relatively small, exclusive events, that are held at someone's private home.  They can range in size from just a few, close friends, to 40, 50, or even more people, depending on what a host is looking for.

How can I host a House Concert?

That's pretty simple. First, visit our artist guide page, then choose the artist(s) that you would like to play your event, and then go to the artist request form.  We will get to work right away to make your House Concert a success.  Here are the links you will need:

How much does it cost to have a House Concert?

House Concerts that are open to the public, with ticket sales, are free for hosts.  However, if you wish to keep this a private affair with only a few friends, then a price will be negotiated with the artist of your choice.  We will help with this negotiation, but you, the host, will be responsible for paying the artist.

What other types of events do you provide entertainment for?

Our main focus is on House Concerts, however, we do help with weddings, reunions, mitzvahs, and any other type of party you might need a band or artist to play.  You provide the location, and we'll bring the music.

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