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Updated 02/22/22

How does the WHO House Concerts Series work?

We're still working out the details on this project, but basically, hosts will choose the artist(s) that they want to play their event, and then we help make that happen.  Each case will be different, but the goal is to make the event as effortless and uncomplicated as possible, for both host and artist.

We (WHO) will help promote the event, provide ticket sales, and, in most cases, will help out at the door.  We also make sure that you, the artist, gets paid.

When do I get paid?

Currently, we're using Evenbrite to sell tickets to events. Eventbrite pays out 5 days after an event. As soon as that payment clears, all funds will be forwarded to you using Zelle. Zelle is a free service that allows users to send up to $1000/day without any fees for the sender or the recipient.  Money is sent via email, so please make sure I have your best email address to use this service, preferably one that you use with your banking institution.  These details will be worked out on a case-by-case basis.  The bottom line is, we will make sure that you get paid.

We discourage folks from waiting to buy tickets at the door by setting a much higher door price.  However, I do foresee that this will still happen on occasion. Any cash ticket sales at the door will be paid directly to you at the end of the night.

Can I give away tickets?

We discourage giving away tickets, in general. However, if you need a friend or two to help you out with your equipment, or merchandise sales, or to help at the door, then let me know ahead of time so that we can inform the host, and anyone else that needs to know.

Keep in mind that we will not be able to attend every show, and in those cases, you and/or someone with you should be at the door checking tickets, and collecting door sales.

How many guests will be at my show?

This is one of the details that we will work out ahead of time with each host and artist. Some hosts are only going to want their friends to attend an event; they don't want "strangers" in their home.

We want to have at least 20 guests at each show. However, if a host wants less people, we will offer them the option of paying you (the artist) the difference.

How much will tickets cost?

This is another case-by-case, pre-determined factor.  Before we set up the event, and go public, we will contact you directly to work out such details. We will determine the minimum amount that you will be paid.  If ticket sales do not meet your minimum, the show will be cancelled*, and all guests will receive a full refund.

* We will give the host the option to pay the difference in your minimum cost, less ticket sales to make sure the show goes on.

How do I get my band/artist page listed here?

Chances are, if you received a message inviting you to this page, you're already listed here. If you're not sure, check the Guide (hit the "guide" link on the menu).   If you're not listed on the guide page, use the "add band" link on the menu to send us some required information to get your page set up.  If you're having any problems, use the "help" link to send us a support ticket.

Have other questions?

If you have any other questions, you can send those directly to who@bloks.net, or use the "help" link on the menu.

Thanks for being a part of this project!

Ralph Shelton
Virginia Beach, VA

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